Adoption Fee Schedule – Any dog being adopted that isn’t spayed or neutered will be adopted with a Spay/Neuter Certificate.
Adoption fees vary depending on age and if the dog is purebred or a mix.

The adopter will make a $50.00 deposit for the Certificate.

All dogs that are spayed and /or neutered will also be Microchipped this is a $60.00 charge for the microchip.

Once your dog has been spayed and neutered, please have your vet sign the certificate.
When you have returned the certificate to us the $50.00 deposit will be returned.
Alternatively, you can donate it to Gertie’s to help us with our mission saving dogs.

We apologize, but we are unable to adopt to Canada

Our adoption approval process includes a completed application, a phone interview, check of both personal and vet references and a home visit.

We also have an adoption contract to be signed at the time of adoption.