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Bubs has found his Forever Home

Bubs is in her new home Mom Mary is excited. Bubs will have 2 new fur Brothers Arthur a 9 year old Chihuahua and Leo a Hound/Border Collie. Mary will have to be on her toes for a while until they all settle in. Arthur was very curious and Leo was very excited. Bubs on the other hand wasn’t to sure about these 2 guys. We have great hopes it all work out.









Update On Bubs

Hi – all well here!  just wanted you to know a.s.a.p. — everyone’s fine and very much calmed down.  Right after you left I took Leo for an hour long fast walk and he returned home a new man, interested in Bubs but much more interested in her hooves and other goodies.  I took her, her blanket and Artie on a 3 minute walk of the front yard, she marked a little and I brought them both right back in.  I settled her in on the couch without the other dogs — she’s snuggled in her blanket, but looking around and keeping her eyes on me.  I brought her water but she wouldn’t drink.  I’m going to try to get her to eat and drink a little tonight, especially water.  She’s missing her dad, pretty growly with me, we’re going to take it very easy when bedtime comes.

Artie is absolutely thrilled — gazing at her like she’s his dream come true, which she is.  I’m in love with her — she’s a very, very brave girl.  I figure this is her fourth home in a short time – you guys saved her taking her in with her pups — she’s very courageous.
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