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Adopted 11/11/12

Buddy left for his forever home yesterday Mom Rebecca and big Sister Laura were very excited to get this beautiful little guy. His Big Fur Sister is Lola. Lola is from a puppy mill and was rescued by the family. Lola is very timid, the family wasn’t sure how Lola was going to accept Buddy. It was love at first sight. Buddy will also have a big human brother Evan who was not able to make the trip. I spoke with Rebecca latter in the evening, she said Buddy was worn out and was sleeping.

Buddy was our last puppy to get adopted. We are having withdrawals we actually slept all night. Mommy Ginny is doing better she did some crying when she saw Buddy leave as she did with every one of her pups. Now it’s her turn to find a forever home.

Buddy home

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