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Fulton, NY 13069

Foster homes in Penn Yan and Syracuse, NY

“For the safety of our fosters, we do not adopt to homes with electric fencing systems. Please refer to the blog article “The Visible Dangers of Invisible Fencing!” by Courteous Canine”

If just yourself please just type self.
If you have not owned an animal before and therefore do not already have a veterinarian, please indicate by typing a brief explanation. Please Note: *Properly Vetting your pet means: You must take your pet to the Vet at least once a year, the pet must be up to date with all their vaccines, they must be spayed or neutered, all preventives your Vet recommends must be used example: Heart worm and Flea preventives etc., Checking teeth is essential for good health.
If not applicable please ignore.
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(* Please be prepared to give Names & phone numbers to your interviewer for anyone who will be helping to care for the puppy should you be approved to adopt.)
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Please be advised that according to our adoption contract,, any of our former fosters who need to be surrendered will be sent back to Gertie’s Small Dog Rescue. Time must be given to find space in a foster home.
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