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Introducing Kirby

Kirby-2Kirby is a 4 lb long-haired Chihuahua aged somewhere between 6 months and 2 years, he came from a backyard breeder and had very little human contact. It is going to take time for him to overcome fear of people and be house trained. He will also need to be neutered. In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy watching his progress.


Kirby left for his forever home today. Mom Katie and Grandma Terri were thrilled. For a dog that was afraid of most humans, he formed an instant connection with his new Mom and is even smiling! Congratulations (and Happy Birthday) to Katie! Kirby couldn’t be in better hands.


Kirby was very good for the car ride home and slept in Katie’s arms all the way.

Our 2 dogs met him outside and he was immediately  accepted. We all walked back into the house together as a family. Jake fits right into our lives and it feels like he has always been part of the family. Even our cats like him and he’s so sweet to everyone which made Greg very happy!

He has investigated Katie’s room, used his potty papers and slept all night snuggled up with his mommy. It’s amazing to see them bond so smoothly.

I will be forever grateful we were approved and Katie had the privilege of adopting Kirby. He has made her light back up again!


Katie finally decided on a new name: Meeko (he’s the raccoon in Pocahontas, the name means ‘mischievous’ in Native American) and it fits him!

He’s so funny and is attached to his Mommy night and day- when he’s not exploring, (with her in sight). He seems to have become our new pack leader, my dog Lexi defers to him, as does Jake and our cats.

He’s like a little king and is spoiled like one too! He’s so secure with Katie and lays on his back for tummy rubs, lets her touch his feet and ears, and has absolutely no fear of her. They are completely bonded.

The only time he will allow me to hold him is if I stay near Katie. He likes Greg but is not comfortable being held by him yet. He’s happy taking little treats from us both but is definitely a mama’s boy!!

UPDATE on Kirby:

Kirby-with-new-mom-2 “Kirby (now Meeko) is living the life of a little prince! is inseparable from Katie, in fact, he is now her Certified Emotional Support dog and goes everywhere that she does. He’s a wonderful dog and his fear issues have almost disappeared.

He gets along great with our other dogs Jake and Lexi andis Jake’s best friend. (Jake weighs about 25 pounds but Meeko’s the boss! haha).

Thank you so much for allowing Katie to adopt him. He’s truly a member of our family and we all love him!”

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