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Maddy and Mitzi Forever Home

Maddy & Mitzi – Forever Home

Maddy & Mitzi

Mitzi and Maddy have found a wonderful home together. We couldn’t ask for more than that.

Mom Stephanie and Dad Tom have opened their hearts and loving home to our senior ladies.

Look at the smile on Maddy’s face that tells the whole story.

Update From Mom and Dad

Just a quick update on Mitzi and Maddy.

They are both settling into their new home and are doing well! Mitzi is doing much better than I was anticipating. She is a little skittish but overall she seems to be doing great!

Maddy is Maddy, lol. She is so easy going, as long as she gets fed and has a place to sleep she is content. Steohanie and I think she is a calming influence on Mitzi.

So far no signs of her begging for treats. Right now they are both sleeping next to me.

Maddy and Mitzi Forever Home

Maddy Forever Home



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