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Pierre has left to go home with his new mom and dad Hannahand Eloin to Pittsburgh, Pa.  They were so excited to finally see him in person and Hannah says that she loves him so much already.

A trip that should have taken them about 5 1/2 hrs. ended up taking them almost 8 hrs. but she says it was worth it.

They will have a long ride home this evening and I hope all goes well.  Pierre greeted them immediately and was very friendly with them, as he always is.

Pierre is a wonderful little fella and will make them the best new family member.  I do feel

Hannah and Eloin will spoil them rotten.  We certainly will miss this little sweetheart.

P.S.  Already just received a text from Hannah saying, “We’re so happy to finally have him.  He’s going to be one spoiled little guy.

He really is for me a dream come true.”


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