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Ticey - Gertie's Small Dog Rescue


Ticey was our shortest foster pup ever.

I met Ed in Layfayette on Monday to get her. I was only home with her a few minutes when someone called me and wanted to come and meet her.

The whole family adored her and thought she was the cutest dog ever. Before they left they said they were going home to fill out the application and the rest is history.

Ticey went home today to her new mom Patricia. Patricia was so excited to welcome her into her home. She lost her previous dog last summer at age 15 and decided it was time she got a new house mate and family member.

Ticey will be the center of attention and will be spoiled, as she should be. She is a sweet little pup. I’m just sad I did not have her here longer but happy she and Patricia found each other.
Ticey - Gertie's Small Dog Rescue


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